How do I transfer my scans from Genius Scan to Genius Scan+?

It is recommend to upgrade the free version of Genius Scan rather than purchase the paid version. If you already bought the paid app, you can request a refund for it and buy the in-app upgrade afterwords (directly from the free version of the app).
This gives you access to the same features and saves you the need to migrate the document.

If you still want to transfer your documents between multiple Genius Scan apps, you can

Subscribe to Genius Cloud

This is the best option if you want to simply transfer your files between multiple versions of Genius Scan. Not only will this synchronize your scans between your iOS devices but it also works with Android and also make your documents available from your account at It is also a good way to keep your documents backed up in case your lose your phone.

Export your documents one-by-one

Select your document, tap export and chose 'Other Apps' in the export option. You can find 'Genius Scan+' as a destination.

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