What is the magic mode?

 Since the 5.0 update, the scanner is now always in Magic mode.

Editing a page manually (while scanning a document) can be done with the Quick Edit Actions.

What is the difference between the Magic Mode and the Manual Mode?

With Genius Scan, we aim at automating tedious tasks. This is why we have designed the Magic Mode and we recommend that you use it. 

Magic mode

This mode allows Genius Scan to do all the scanning work automatically. The app detects the edges of the document, automatically triggers when the edges are stable and crops the document accordingly.

Tap the top right button to change the current mode to Magic. 

When it's on, the shutter button starts whirling. The orange shape means that Genius Scan starts scanning your document automatically and you should remain stable. However, you don't have to wait for Genius Scan to trigger automatically, you can tap the shutter button if you are in a hurry.

Once the scan is ready, you are redirected to your document. 
You can tap on a page to edit its cropped area, or the chosen enhancement as desired.

Manual mode

In opposite to the Magic mode, the app doesn't trigger automatically and doesn't crop the document.


Tap the top right button to change the current mode to Manual.

When the Manual mode is on, the shutter button remains fix. The orange shape means that Genius Scan detects the edges of the document, but the shutter button can only be triggered manually. Tap the button when you're ready to scan your document. 

Then, a screen shows you the detected document and you can edit the borders by moving the grid corners. 

A magnifying glass will appear when you start moving a corner to let you adjust the corners precisely.

Finally, you get redirected to your document.

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