How to fax a document?

You can easily fax documents from Genius Scan using Genius Fax, also developed by The Grizzly Labs.


Scan your document.

Crop your document to keep only your document in your fax and nothing else.
✗ Document not cropped ✓ Document correctly cropped

Select the B&W filter, this is the only one supported for faxing. 
✗ Without enhancement ✓ With enhancement
Before exporting your documents, please make sure that you are able to read them. If they are blurry, your fax will also be blurry and the recipient will not be able to read it. 

Tap the Export button and select "Fax with Genius Fax" 
iOS Android
Enter your settings and make sure you have enough credits to send your fax, then tap "Send" 
iOS Android

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