How to import photos & files

It is possible to import PDF documents and photos in Genius Scan, one by one or in batch.

Import a single photo or PDF

The file picker interface might look and work differently, depending on your device brand and Android version

Tap the Import button in Genius Scan
Tap on a file name or thumbnail to select a single JPEG or a PDF document

If you can't find the desired Photos, tap the button in the top-right corner and select the Images menu.

Genius Scan instantly scan the imported file to detect a document and suggest some image enhancements (as it would if you captured the document from the camera)

Import multiple files at once

If you want to import multiple images and files at once, you can do a long-press to enable multiple file selection.


Long-press on a file title or thumbnail to activate the multiple-file selection mode

Tap on all the images and/or documents you want to import

Validate your selection by pressing the "Open" button

Use another file browser

You can also use a third-party file browser instead of the default picker:

Tap the ☰ button in the top-left corner of your file browser to access the side bar
Select the desired Gallery or File Explorer application among the ones installed on your device (e.g QuickPic, Google Drive, Dropbox)

Import scans from third-party apps

Instead of importing files from Genius Scan, you can export photos and documents to Genius Scan directly from other apps.

Open a third-party app, locate an image, photo or PDF document
Select it and tap the "Share" button, which typically looks like this
Press the Genius Scan or Genius Scan+ logo to get your file scanned on the fly.
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