I lost access to Genius Scan+ – How can I restore the premium version?

Make sure you are logged in the App Store with the same Apple ID you used to purchase Genius Scan+ originally.

If you previously unlocked Genius Scan+ in Genius Scan

If you have previously unlocked Genius Scan+ in Genius Scan, you can always restore it or enable it on different devices. You will not be charged again. You can easily restore Genius Scan+ as follow:


Tap on the Sync button:


Swipe left to access the Genius Scan+ tab:


Tap the Restore button below the upgrade button:

If you bought the Genius Scan+ paid app directly on the App Store:

Open the App Store app, search Genius Scan for Enterprise and tap on the download icon.

If you have a Genius Cloud account

Log into your account in Genius Scan, by tapping on the Sync button. Genius Scan+ will automatically unlock the Genius Scan+ features.

If your subscription has expired, you can renew on any mobile device and re-enable Genius Scan+ on all your devices.

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