How can I protect my documents with a password?

When you export a PDF document, Genius Scan lets you protect it with a password. PDF documents protected by a password are encrypted and can only be read with the password. 

The encryption used is RC4 with a 128-bits key. 

There are two ways of setting up a password for your PDF documents:

If you are rather looking to prevent people from accessing Genius Scan, please check our  tutorial on Touch ID/passcode.

Encrypt all your exported PDF files

Open the settings.
Turn on the PDF encryption switch.

Enter a password as requested. This password will be used to encrypt all the PDF files you export.

Choose to encrypt PDF files when you export

Export a document.

Make sure that the PDF format is selected. The password feature only works for PDF documents.

Tap on the Password field.

Enter a password and tap on the back button. The password will be used to encrypt the PDF you export.

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