How to send us a bug/crash report?

In case you encounter a bug or a crash, please do contact us.

If you can open Genius Scan

This is the preferred way to send us a bug report.

  1. Open Genius Scan
  2. Tap the ⚙︎ Menu button at the top-right of the screen

  3. Select Help
  4. Tap on "What can we help you with?" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Select Ask at the top of the screen
  6. Add a detailed description and tap Send

    This will send us an email with some debug information

If Genius Scan doesn't start

If Genius Scan will not start, you can also send us a crash report. You will find the crash reports as follow:

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to the Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy
  3. Go to Analytics
  4. Go to Analytics Data
  5. You will see an alphabetical list all crash logs on your device
  6. Locate the Genius Scan crash logs, tap at the top right corner of the screen to open a mail app and send the email to
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