Quick Edit Actions

When you scan several pages in batch mode, the Quick Edit Actions gives the option to quickly edit or re-take the last scanned page without interrupting the flow.

Right after snapping a picture, a preview of the scan will be shown on the screen for one second, with two buttons

  1. The Magic Wand to access the Quick Edit Actions
  2. The ✓ button to validate the scan and keep scanning. The progress indicator on this button shows the time left for the preview.

Tapping the Magic Wand opens up four action buttons:  scan-3-quick-edit-actions.png

  1. change the enhancement, to black-and-white, color, photo or none.
  2. re-crop the page, to correct the detected borders
  3. rotate the page
  4. delete the scan, to skip this page or re-scan it if you're just unhappy with the result

You can then tap the ✓ validate button, to save the changes and continue scanning your document

Tip: to skip the preview, you can either tap the validate button or anywhere on the background.
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