I lost all my documents. How can I recover them? (Android)

Genius Scan stores your documents only on your device by default.
That is why we recommend to back up your documents so you can recover them in the event that
   • you lose your phone or it gets stolen
   • your device become unusable
   • someone accidentally uninstall Genius Scan
   • you regret deleting some documents

How to recover your documents

If you have a Genius Cloud account

If you purchased a Genius Cloud subscription, you can recover your scans by logging into your account within the application. You can also access and download your documents from geniuscloud.com at any time.

If you deleted Genius Scan 

Deleting the application will also erase your documents from your device. If you don't have any backup, you won't be able to retrieve your documents. If you created a backup, download the app and restore your backup.

If you used a cleaning app 

Some cleaning apps may delete your Genius Scan documents without your permission. If you use a cleaning app, please make sure to create a backup and save it somewhere safe. 

If you have Genius Scan and Genius Scan+ on your device

When you buy Genius Scan+ directly from the Play Store, you have two different apps on your device: Genius Scan AND Genius Scan+. Check both apps to see if you can find your documents. 

If you deleted a document from your device

Deleting a document and confirming the action in Genius Scan will erase it permanently from your device. Make sure you have a backup or an active Genius Cloud subscription so you can recover your documents and not regret an unfortunate mistake.

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