Verify if your documents have been backed up

Knowing that your documents are safely exported and backed up is important; this is the reason why Genius Scan displays an export status indicator next to each document:

The color of the dot tells you the export status:

  • Gray: the document has not been exported yet. You may need to export it manually or just wait for Auto-Export to trigger (if you have enabled Auto-Export).
  • Blinking gray: the document is being exported.
  • Green: the document has been exported to at least a destination (eg. email, Dropbox, Genius Cloud).
  • Red: there was an error exporting your document.
You can then open the document to see the more detailed status.

In the example below, the export was interrupted. It's likely that the app was killed or the device restarted while the export was ongoing. In that case, you need to export it again:

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