What are conflicts in Genius Cloud and how to address them?

Why conflicts may occur

There are two ways a conflict can happen for a document that is backed up and synced with Genius Cloud:

  • if you edit a document on one device (e.g., change the document's title) and edit the same document on another device simultaneously (e.g., delete a page from the document).
  • when one of your devices is offline. For example, changes made on an offline device are later synced when the device is finally online, resulting in a conflict if you modify the document on another device.

How Genius Cloud addresses conflicts

Genius Cloud automatically creates a copy of the document to prevent any information loss when a conflict happens. The first copy keeps the first device's changes that could sync; the second keeps the other device's changes. Genius Cloud then edits the title of the last modified copy and appends it with "(conflict)."

How to detect conflicted copies and resolve them in Genius Scan app

When Genius Cloud marks a document with "conflict", you can resolve it from Genius Scan app:

  1. Open Genius Scan.
  2. Scroll among documents to find those marked with "conflict".
  3. If another document has the same title, compare the documents' data to see which is the most up-to-date. They may have differences, such as a deleted page in one document while the order of pages is changed in the other document. Keep the version that is the most relevant to you, then delete the other version of the document.
  4. Wait for Genius Cloud to sync automatically or trigger a new sync manually by tapping the Back up & sync button.

How to prevent conflicted copies

Ensure that a document containing changes made on one device is synced with Genius Cloud before making modifications to the same document on another device.

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