All my documents disappeared after 7.0.9 update

This article is for iOS users only.

If you have updated your Genius Scan application to the 7.0.9 version, your documents might not be showing because of a known bug. Don't worry, they are not lost. 

You need to update the app to the 7.0.12 version to retrieve your documents.

To update your app:


Open the App Store,


Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen,


Tap Update next to Genius Scan.

Do not create new documents if you have the 7.0.9 version of the app. And if you did, or wish to do so, make sure you export them before you update your app to the 7.0.12 version.

If documents are still missing, a red banner will appear asking you to recover them.

Tap on this banner to recover your documents. They will appear in a new folder named Restored Documents. This operation should just take a few seconds, but the more documents you have to restore, the more time this will take - please keep the app open while it restores your documents.

If you had no documents to restore, the Restored Documents folder will be empty.

If you have a Genius Cloud account:


Check all your documents are safely stored into,


Delete the Genius Scan app, 


Download the Genius Scan app again, log into your account and sync.

To check which version of Genius Scan you have:


Open Genius Scan,


Go to Settings


Tap on About, and you'll see the version of the app next to Genius Scan.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience, please accept our apologies for this problem. We're working really hard on fixing things, and we'll make sure this doesn't happen in the future.
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