How to export scans as JPEG

The JPEG format does not support multiple pages. As a consequence, exporting as JPEG is only possible for single-page documents or when exporting individual pages of a document.

Export single-page documents as JPEG

To export documents with only one page as JPEG:
  • open the document and tap the export button in the bottom-right corner, then select JPEG as the export format.
  • select multiple documents (that only contain a page) and tap the Export button that shows up in the bottom toolbar.
  • Make sure you select JPEG during the export:

Export one or multiple pages of a document as JPEG

To export more than one page as JPEG, open the document and make a selection of pages you want to export.

Then, tap the Export button in the top-right corner and set the format to JPEG in the Export menu (as described above).

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