How to import Word, Excel, Web Documents… to Genius Scan

It's possible to convert various types of documents to PDF by importing them into Genius Scan. To do this, you just need to rely on the "Print" capability of iOS.


Open the file you are trying to import in Genius Scan. For instance, in the Mail app, tap on the attachment. In Safari, just browse to the desired web page and tap on the action button.


Select Print. You might need to scroll the list to the right if you don't see the Print option.


Pinch to zoom on the print preview (on older iOS version, you need to perform a long press (or force touch) on the print preview). This will open the document as PDF in full screen.


Tap on the action button at the top right of the screen.


Select Copy to Genius Scan in the list.


Your PDF document will be imported into Genius Scan.

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