How to synchronize documents between devices?

Subscribe to Genius Cloud

You can subscribe to Genius Cloud to have your scans saved in your account and synchronized between all your mobile devices.

To create an account:

  1. Tap the "sync" button in the navigation bar
  2. Tap on "I'm new to Genius Cloud"
  3. Choose between a monthly and a yearly subscription. The App Store will ask for a confirmation and handle the process.

Genius Scan will automatically starts synchronizing your documents and unlock all Genius Scan+ premium features.

You can connect all your mobile devices to Genius Cloud (iOS and Android) and get all your scans synced and backed up.

If you want to download your documents on a computer, log into your account on the Genius Cloud website.

Export your documents to other services

If you have upgraded to Genius Scan+, you can also export your documents to other services (such as Box and Dropbox).
To access them, you will have install the service's application on your other devices.

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