How to remove shadows from my scans

Genius Scan automatically enhances your scans to turn them into clean and nice-looking documents.

Here are some tips to make sure that your scans are free of shadows like:

  • the silhouettes of your phone and your hands – especially when the light source is behind you
  • the shades of curved corners
  • the marks of staple holes

Enhance your scans in black-and-white

You can choose which enhancement to apply to each of page, in order to find the best filter

Find the best conditions

  1. Choose an evenly and well-lighted environment
  2. Tilt your phone flat. This way the document will be evenly visible to the camera and the perspective correction will preserve most of the document details
  3. Try disabling or enabling your camera flash
  4. Move your head, hand and phone so that they don't project a direct shadow on your document.

For more recommendations, check out our article on How to improve the scan quality?

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