Improve the quality of scans

If you are experiencing a blurry image, ensure you check the following items:

Follow these simple recommendations

This can make a difference to create scans of higher quality:

  • Make sure you take your picture in a bright environment.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient contrast between the background (e.g. wooden table) and the file.
  • Be as stable as possible when taking the picture.
  • Try to change the enhancement type (Color, B&W or None) depending on the document's type.
  • When exporting your scans, choose the highest resolution available:

Check your hardware

It's possible that your camera's focusing system is not functioning properly. Double-check that you are able to take sharp pictures with the Camera app. If you cannot, restart your phone. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting Apple or your phone manufacturer.

Device specifics

Unfortunately, the following devices just have a poor camera which will be low resolution and more likely to result in blurry scans:

  • iPad 2 and lower
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation and lower
  • Older Android devices

Crop scans automatically

Genius Scan is packed with technology to help you make better scans under various angles and lots of light conditions. However, you can help it work even better with the following tips:

Basic recommendations

  • Ensure there is good contrast between your document and the background (avoid white desks).
  • Leave the background apparent on all 4 edges of the document.
  • Keep all four corners of your document within the camera frame.
  • Hold the camera close enough to the document.
  • Avoid having interfering content such as desk edges, keyboard edges visible in the camera preview.

Dos and Don'ts

Do ensure that there is good contrast between the document and the background. Do include all four corners of the document in the camera preview.

Don't use a background without enough contrast with your document.

Don't cut out the edges of the document.

Don't cut out the corners of the documents, even slightly. This will hurt Genius Scan's ability to detect your document.

Don't keep the document too far from the camera.

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