Better automatic document detection

Genius Scan is packed with technology to help you make better scans under various angles and lots of light conditions. However, you can help it work even better with the following tips:

Basic recommendations

  • Ensure there is good contrast between your document and the background (avoid white desks).
  • Leave the background apparent on all 4 edges of the document.
  • Keep all four corners of your document within the camera frame.
  • Hold the camera close enough to the document.
  • Avoid having interfering content such as desk edges, keyboard edges visible in the camera preview.

Dos and Don'ts

Do ensure that there is good contrast between the document and the background. Do include all four corners of the document in the camera preview.

Don't use a background without enough contrast with your document.

Don't cut out the edges of the document.

Don't cut out the corners of the documents, even slightly. This will hurt Genius Scan's ability to detect your document.

Don't keep the document too far from the camera.

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