Add signatures and annotation to scans

As of today, Genius Scan does not support signing documents within the app.

To address that, we've developed Genius Sign, a complementary application for adding signature and annotations.

It supports:

  • insertion of signatures, either drawn on the screen or scanned from a signed paper
  • addition of dates and text, customized in size and color
  • auto-repeat feature, e.g to add initials on all the pages at once
  • 'sign here' locator to jump directly where you need to sign

As for Genius Fax, the import and export of scans have been made easy with Genius Scan to

Genius Sign is available as a paid application in the App Store

scan and sign app

You can also get it with a discount as part of our Productivity Bundle (which includes Genius Scan+ and Genius Sign).

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