My emails won't send – how can I fix that?

Your email is mostly likely stuck in the Apple Mail app. The solution is to delete the email from your Outbox and send your scan again.

Even if you are using a different app for your regular email, the issue here is with the Apple Mail app. You can open it from your home screen or by tapping this icon:

Note that Apple Mail won't let you delete the email from your Outbox while it's trying to send the email. The trick is to:

  1. Switch your device to Airplane Mode
  2. Delete the email from the Outbox folder of the Mail app
  3. Force close the Apple Mail app

We strongly recommend that you also check the following:

  • Ensure that the document is not too large for your email server. Typically, email servers might refuse attachments bigger than 10-15 MB.
  • Do you have a good network connection? If the document is more than a few pages, it might take a long time or even fail if your network connection isn't at 3G or Wifi.
  • Is your email configured correctly for the iOS Mail app? You might need to fix your device's email configuration.

Check that your email account is properly configured


Open the Settings app


Under Accounts & Passwords, check that your email account is properly configured


Once this is done,  open the Mail app


Send an email to yourself and check that you properly received it.

Send your documents via another mail app

If you're unable to use the Apple Mail app, consider exporting the document to the email application provided by your email service provider:

  1. Select the "Other Apps" in the export options
  2. Pick the email app of your choice, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook.

Check out our article about exporting document to any app for more detailed instructions.

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