Unable to export by Email: configure your Mail app

You may see the following error message when sharing a document by email:

Genius Scan relies on the Apple Mail app to send your scans. The Apple Mail app icon looks like this:

You need to check that the Apple Mail app is functioning correctly. To do so, open it by tapping on the above icon, and try to send an email to yourself from there.

If you can send an email from the Apple Mail app:

It means that your company configured your phone and placed a restriction, preventing apps such as Genius Scan from sending emails. To disable this restriction, ask your IT department to disable the "PreventAppSheet" setting on the mail account configuration (you can even give them this link).

If you cannot send an email from the Apple Mail app:

Configure an email account in the Settings app. Please refer to  Apple's tutorial for a walk-through.

How to send documents with other email applications

If you still cannot use the Mail app and have another email client app (such as the Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook app) installed on your device, you can use it to email your scans. Check out this help article about exporting scans to other apps.

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