Can Genius Scan recognize the text in my scans?

Text Recognition is disabled by default. You first need to enable it in the Settings.

Text Recognition enables you to:

  • Index and search the content of your documents.
  • Create searchable PDFs – when OCR is enabled, your exported PDFs will include a text layer which means that you will be able to copy their text.
  • Extract metadata from your scans and particularly business cards
    • Create contacts from business cards (or name the document based on the contact name).
    • Extract and locate places and addresses.
    • Call phone numbers detected in the scan.
    • Rename a document based on a date detected in the scan.
  • Share the text content of a document by exporting it as a text file.

Text Recognition (that you might also know as OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition) is available as part of Genius Scan+.

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