Are my documents backed up?

Although Genius Scan stores your scans on your device by default, there are several ways to get your documents backed up:

  • Subscribe to Genius Cloud to automatically save your documents in the cloud, and access your scans from the Web or any mobile device.
  • Back up your entire phone to iTunes or iCloud (iOS only). We recommend setting up iCloud backups since this will make sure your phone is always backed up. If you lose or change your phone, you will be able to restore this backup on a new phone. Make sure that you have not excluded Genius Scan from the iCloud backups.
  • Backup Genius Scan documents manually (Android only). You can create manual backups of your Genius Scan documents and settings. This generates a file that contains all your scans and settings, and that can be quickly restored in Genius Scan for Android. Make sure to create backups regularly, and to keep them somewhere safe – either on a different device or in a remote storage service (e.g Google Drive).
  • Auto-export your documents to another cloud service. For instance, you can send your documents to Dropbox so that your documents remains accessible in the Dropbox application if you ever lose or change your phone.

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