How to change the email used with Genius Scan


Genius Scan relies on Apple's Mail app to send emails. The email you want to send your scans from needs to be configured in the iOS Settings.

A. Configure a new email

In that case, you will need to set up a new email account as described in Apple's help.

B. If the email is already configured in the iOS Settings

You can change the sender in the From field every time you email a scan:


Tap the Cc/Bcc, From field.


Tap the From field.


Choose one of your accounts.

B.1. Change your default iOS Mail account

All your Genius Scan export emails will be sent from your new default Mail account.


Open the Settings app.


Tap Mail.


Under the Composing section, tap Default Account.


Choose your new default account.

B.2. Force Genius Scan to email from one of your accounts without changing your iOS default account

In Genius Scan > Settings > Export > Email, enter an email in the From field. That email must match one of the above account's email exactly. The account matching this email will be automatically selected when you email scans from Genius Scan.


Genius Scan doesn't handle your emails directly but hands them over to the email application you choose. To change the email address your scans are sent with, you will need to change your email address in your email application.
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