Create and manage folders

This feature is accessible with all versions of Genius Scan (Basic, Plus, Ultra).

Folders help you organize your documents within the Genius Scan app.

They’re great for people with lots of documents that need to be organized thoroughly and those who want to export multiple documents at once. Folders will be on top of all other documents when you open the Genius Scan app.

Create a folder

  • Open Genius Scan
  • Tap on the Menu icon
  • Choose New folder
  • Name your new folder

You can now scan documents from inside your Folders, or move documents to your Folders.

Scan documents from inside a folder

  • Open Genius Scan
  • Tap on a folder 
  • Tap on the + sign

Move a document/folder to another folder

There are two ways you can move a document to a folder:

1. Long press the folder or document you want to move and choose Move.

2. Hard press the folder or document you want to move to drag and drop it into another folder.

Inside your folders, you can also order your documents by name or date. Another way to organize your documents could be with smart name templates or with tags.

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