How to organize documents with tags

In Genius Scan, documents can be organized with tags, which are more powerful than folders: A document can be tagged with several tags and you can filter documents with tag.

Add tags to a document

Open a document 

Tap the Add tag button

You can create a new tag by typing its name and tapping the Done key

You can also select an existing tag you previously added to another document

Remove a tag from a document

Open a document and tap the tag you want to remove

You can either remove the tag from this document or delete it (it will be removed from all documents)

Find all documents with a tag

Tap the Search bar on the main screen

Select a tag

This will filter all the documents tagged with this tag. 


If a tag is active and you create a document, the document will be tagged with that filter. It can be useful for example if you want all your scans to be tagged "Paris" during your trip to Paris. 

Find all the tags you added to Genius Scan

Tap the Tag button on the main screen

You can pick a tag and Genius Scan will show you the documents tagged with it. 

List all the tags you added to a document

Open a document, then tap the Tag button 

The tags in orange are already added to your document. You can tap each tag to add it to your document or remove it from your document.

Clear all filters

In the below screenshot, the list only shows documents that are tagged "Paris".

To clear all filters hiding your scans:

  1. focus on the search field at the top of your document list
  2. tap the "cross" button on the right-side of the search field. If it isn't visible, swipe to the left on this field to display it in full (some elements might be hidden on the left)

Alternatively, you can

  1. tap in the search field and press the "backspace" key on your keyboard until all the documents show up again
  2. tap the tag selector button in the right-side of the search field, and deselect all the tags that are filtering out your documents

Tags export

Tags are saved into keywords metadata when you export your documents as PDF.

You can view and edit your tags on your computer by opening the Properties dialog box in your PDF reader. Some operating systems allow you to search and sort your document by PDF keywords, but third-party utilities like FileMeta and PDF Property Extension might be needed on Windows.

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