Getting started with Genius Cloud

Genius Cloud is an optional unlimited cloud storage service dedicated to Genius Scan and requires a monthly or yearly subscription to Genius Scan Ultra. You can follow this short tutorial to create a Genius Cloud account.

The benefits of Genius Cloud are:

  • Automatic synchronization of your Genius Scan documents between all your mobile devices. Set up your application once, and all newly captured documents will automatically be saved to your Genius Cloud account. For example, you can scan a document on your phone, which will appear on your other phones and tablets.
  • Secure backup of your documents. You can access them even if you lose your phone. On your new phone, you can log in with your account to recover all the documents backed up to your account.
  • Web access. Your documents are available on, even if you don't have your phone with you. The web app enables you to search for documents by titles and tags, download them one by one, or export all of them at once.
  • Save local storage space. Only the documents that you access are downloaded on your device. Other documents are safely archived in Genius Cloud and accessible anytime.
  • Unlimited cloud storage. All your documents are essential; you don't have to free up space as you scan more documents.
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