How can I configure my exports to save some time?

Learn how to create export shortcuts or add auto-export rules to save time when exporting your scans.

Export shortcuts and auto-export rules are part of Genius Scan+.

Export shortcuts

Export shortcuts let you save an export destination (eg. a specific folder in a Dropbox account) so that you can later reuse it in a single tap.

For instance, you can create shortcuts to:

  • Export to your Expenses folder in Dropbox.
  • Export to your Family folder in Dropbox.

To create a shortcut, tap the Add shortcut… button.

Auto-export rules

As its name implies, an auto-export automatically exports your documents in the background. You can configure multiple auto-exports rules, and even make some of them include a condition.

For instance, you can setup an Auto-Export rule to:

  • Automatically export to Dropbox, folder Expenses when your document is tagged with the tag Expense or Invoice.
  • Automatically export to Dropbox, folder Family when your document is tagged with School.
To add an Auto-Export rule tap the Add destination… button.
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