Setting up Auto-Export

Note that the auto-export triggers after you make a change to a saved PDF document and:

  • when you are on the main screen or if you exit Genius Scan
  • when you are on Wi-Fi (to avoid consuming cellular data without your knowledge – this can be changed, as explained below)

The auto-export is a feature of Genius Scan+ allowing you to automatically export your PDF documents to your favorite cloud storage.

When you edit a PDF, the document is automatically re-exported with the same name.

To turn on auto-export:


Open the settings and select the Export entry:


Select your favorite cloud storage such as Dropbox




Turn the auto-export switch on. You can then choose which folder you want to export to.

Allow auto-export over cellular networks

By default, the automatic export of documents is restricted to Wifi networks. You can changed that in the Export settings page, below the list of export options.

Prior to toggling on this option, make sure that set up your device and data plan so that you don't end up with unexpected data usage and charges (e.g roaming costs)

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