Automatically delete a document after export

This article covers an advanced topic.

You have two cases where you can automatically activate document deletion: export shortcuts and auto-export destinations.

  1. Open the settings of Genius Scan and go to the Export section
  2. Select an existing shortcut, or tap Add shortcut…, or select an existing auto-export destination, or tap Add destination….
  3. In the configuration of the shortcut, activate Delete document on success:

Some things to be careful about:

  • The documents are deleted and cannot be recovered in Genius Scan. Genius Scan only deletes the document when it has been successfully "sent". While for Dropbox or similar cloud services, this means that Genius Scan received confirmation that the file was properly uploaded, for e-mail, this just means that the document was dropped in the Mail's app outbox. If the Mail app has any issue sending it, Genius Scan isn't made aware of it.
  • If you have multiple auto-export destinations configured, Genius Scan will execute all the ones without auto-delete first, but only one with auto-delete will be executed. As soon at it's executed, the document will be deleted and unavailable for subsequent export. We do not recommend configuring multiple auto-export destinations with auto-delete.
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