Transfer your documents to a computer

Genius Scan offers several ways to export your documents to your computer.

If you are a Genius Cloud subscriber

  • Download your scans from Genius Cloud at You need to synchronize your scans with the service first, by subscribing to Genius Cloud. You can then log into your account on the Web and export your scans as multi-page PDF documents.
    Any change made in the mobile app will be synchronized so you can edit your scan on the fly in Genius Scan and obtain a PDF copy on your computer right away.

If you are not Genius Cloud subscriber

  • Use one of the services available as an export option, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

    In Genius Scan, open the document you want to transfer to your computer and tap the export button at the bottom right of the screen. Choose Dropbox or Google Drive in the menu that appears.
    You can also export multiple documents at once.

    To access the exported documents on your computer, install the corresponding client software ( Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive).
  • [Mac only] Use AirDrop: tap on the export button as described above. Choose "Other Apps" and wait for AirDrop to display your other device (Apple's tutorial on AirDrop and troubleshooting). 
  • [Mac only] Use iCloud Drive: tap on the export button as described above. Choose "Files" and select an iCloud Drive folder.
  • [Mac, PC] Use the Wifi Sharing feature to pull the files onto your computer as described in our tutorial.

We keep adding more ways to export your data over time.  Let us know if you are looking for a specific option.

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