I lost all my documents. How can I recover them?

Genius Scan only stores documents on the device by default, but there are ways to recover them if you changed your device, reset it or uninstalled Genius Scan by mistake.

Option 1: Transfer your data from a previous device/backup

You need to create a full backup of your old device and restore it on your new device. Please follow this tutorial closely:

Make sure to select "Restore an iCloud Backup" when you set up your device. If you select "Set up as a New iPhone" in the Apps & Data menu (step 5 of this tutorial), you will not be able to recover your Genius Scan data even if you later log into your iCloud account.

Option 2: If you are a Genius Cloud subscriber

Genius Cloud is different from Genius Scan+.

You can recover your scans by logging into your account within Genius Scan. Documents already saved on your device will be uploaded to your account, while the ones backed up to the servers will be fetched automatically. It may take a few minutes to synchronize them all if you have a large number of scans.

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Option 3: Fallback methods

If you don't have a backup of your scans on Genius Cloud or in iCloud/iTunes, you may still be able to recover your scans:

  • if you have set up Auto-Export on your old phone, the documents might have been saved in a cloud storage service – such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • If you have manually exported or sent these documents to other people, you might just find them in your mail account's Sent box.

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