Genius Scan is stuck updating

Never delete Genius Scan if the application is stuck. You would lose all your documents stored in it.

Rarely, the App Store might get stuck during an app update, the Genius Scan icon will show a loading indicator that never progresses.

This problem can affect any application as it is related to the App Store. We don't have any specific control over the update process, unfortunately.

How to troubleshoot this issue

Verify that:

  • you have free space on your device.
  • you are on a good Wifi connection. Slow connections will prevent you from downloading apps and content.
  • there are no large ongoing downloads that would need to finish first before Genius Scan is updated (eg. a video or podcast).

If these verifications don't help, you can:

  • toggle automatic app updates on and off in the App Store settings.
  • restart your device.
  • hard restart your device (hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds).
  • log out of your iTunes account, and log back in the App Store app.

If none of these solutions work, don't delete Genius Scan and contact the App Store support.

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