How to crop and rotate a scan

When you take a scan, Genius Scan detects the borders of your document so you don't have to crop and straighten the scan yourself.

However, you can adjust the frame of the document both during and after the scanning process.


Scan a document
You can also open an existing document, and swipe to the page you want to modify


Tap the Edit button


Select an action in the Edit menu


Select the Recrop button
Drag and drop the corner of the quadrangle to adjust the frame of the scan.

Pro tip: use the magnifier to position the frame with high precision and without your fingers obstructing the preview.


Choose between Rotate left and Rotate right

This rotate the scan by 90° clockwise and counterclockwise

Tap as many times as necessary to obtain the right orientation: landscape or portrait, and upside down.

Tap the title of the document in the top-bar to save your changes and go back to your document.

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