How to transfer documents to your new device?

There are several ways to transfer scans between devices.

Automatic transfer with Genius Cloud

If you do not have Genius Cloud yet, you can Sign up with Genius Cloud on your old device and follow the next steps. If you already have Genius Cloud setup on your old device, you can follow the next steps directly:

  1. On your old device, tap the Sync button at the top of the document list to ensure that all your documents are uploaded to Genius Cloud.
  2. On your new device, tap the Sync button at the top of the document list, log in with your Genius Cloud account.
  3. Watch your documents being downloaded from Genius Cloud to your new device.

[iOS] Restore an iCloud/iTunes backup

Ensure you have an iCloud (or iTunes) backup of your old device, and you will be able to restore it on your new device. This Apple tutorial explains in details how to proceed.

Make sure to select "Restore an iCloud Backup" when you set up your device. If you select "Set up as a New iPhone" in the Apps & Data menu ( step 5 of this tutorial), you will not be able to recover your Genius Scan data even if you later log into your iCloud account.

[Android] Restore a manual backup

You can create a backup of your Genius Scan data on your old device, and restore it on your new device.

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