How to restore the purchase of the Genius Scan premium features

    The advanced features of Genius Scan can be unlocked by subscribing to either Genius Scan Plus or Genius Scan Ultra. If for some reason, you lost access to your in-app purchase of Genius Scan+, you can still restore your purchase.

    While Genius Scan Plus unlocks most of the advanced features, you benefit from all advanced features with Genius Scan Ultra, including a subscription to Genius Cloud. If you have a Genius Cloud account, log back into your Genius Cloud account directly in Genius Scan by tapping Backup & sync.
    If your subscription has expired, you can renew it within Genius Scan.


    If you initially purchased Genius Scan+ within Genius Scan (Genius Scan 6 or anterior)

    You can restore your in-app purchase directly from the Settings menu of your Genius Scan app, and enjoy all the advanced features you previously purchased. You must be logged in with the same Apple ID you used to purchase Genius Scan+.


    Go to the Settings.


    Select Premium plan and account and tap on Restore Purchases.

    If you try to restore and nothing happens or you get an error, read this Apple support article about in-app purchases.

    If you initially purchased Genius Scan+ in the App Store

    Genius Scan+ was also the name of the premium app on the App Store. We've now renamed it Genius Scan Enterprise. If you purchased Genius Scan+ (or Genius Scan Enterprise) as a standalone app, you need to re-download Genius Scan Enterprise:

    In the App Store, search for Genius Scan Enterprise.
    Tap the download icon.

    Genius Scan Enterprise enables all advanced features of Genius Scan Plus.


    If your Genius Scan+ purchase hasn't switched to Genius Scan Plus by itself.

    If you have changed devices to another Android or have multiple Google Play accounts on your device, you might have temporarily lost the Genius Scan+ features you purchased. 

    First, you need to make sure that your purchase of Genius Scan+ hasn’t been automatically transferred to a free subscription to Genius Scan Plus Lifetime.

    Go to Menu and choose Premium plan and account
    Check what appears on the top-right corner of your screen.
    • if you see Basic, then your purchase of Genius Scan+ has not been detected
    • if you see Plus or Ultra, your purchase has been detected, and something else is happening. In this case, contact us.

    If your purchase has not been detected, make sure you are connected to the Google Play account used to purchase Genius Scan+ in the first place.

    Now, you will have to download Genius Scan again:

    Ensure all your documents have been exported somewhere safe
    Uninstall Genius Scan from your device
    Download it from this link: (do not download from the Play Store).
    Install Genius Scan from this web page

    If it still doesn't work, please contact us at with the email address you used to purchase Genius Scan+, and a proof of purchase.

    If you initially purchased Genius Scan+ on Google Play

    In Google Play, make sure you are logged in with the same account that you used to purchase Genius Scan+ and search for Genius Scan Enterprise (you might have to scroll down).

    Select Genius Scan Enterprise and tap Install.

    The app Genius Scan Enterprise will enable all the advanced features of Genius Scan Plus.

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